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List of Weird Phobias You Never Knew Actually Existed!!

List of Weird Phobias You Never Knew Actually Existed

We all have heard about the word phobia & everyone at least suffers from one. But, what actually phobia is? A phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder which is an ongoing intense fear usually connected to a specific place, genetic, object, abuse or depression. Some common symptoms to recognize phobia, but, it may vary for every individual – one may encounter an extremely unpleasant sense of fear or panic attack or may experience different emotions when encounters one or think or talk about the source of their phobia. Phobia can trigger in one’s childhood because of some traumatic event and could root to a lifelong fear. People with phobias are unable to do anything about it and realize they are powerless over it.

Apparently, everyone fears something. Many people suffer from weird & bizarre phobias which are extremely hard to pronounce just the way one would have ever thought they actually exist.

List of Weird Phobias You Never Knew Actually Existed:


NomophobiaEver heard of Nomophobia before? It is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”, now you get an idea of what Nomophobia could be. Nowadays, a cell phone is a great source of entertainment and a kind of pleasure too. But we all know it is also a major distracting tool that is leading us sadly towards one of the biggest phobia in the world and also stated as the non-drug addiction of the 21st century.

Nomophobes may encounter panic or anxiety disorders when they run out of battery or have no internet/ network coverage or losing sight from a phone or keep on checking the phone frequently. Two in three nomophobes never switch off their mobile.


AgoraphobiaAgoraphobia may involve a fear of crowds, bridges, using public transportation, being outside alone without a history of panic disorder. 

It becomes difficult for the person to use public transportation, being in open or enclosed spaces, standing in line, or being in a crowd. They may feel an unpleasant sense of fear or may get out of control.

You may feel that you need a companion, like a relative or friend, to go with you to public places or literally everywhere. The fear can be so overwhelming that you may feel comfortable in isolation yourself & uncomfortable to leave your home.


NumerophobiaDo you hate numbers? Then you might be suffering from Numerophobia. You must be wondering, oh! this might be the reason I don’t like Maths.

But, on a serious note, this phobia could cause some serious issues & may limit a person’s educational and professional opportunities.

Numerophobia is the phobia or fear of numbers or mathematics & is also called Arithmophobia. This phobia refers to the fear of specific numbers like 13, 666 & 4.


AlektorophobiaWhenever someone hears or thinks about chicken normally they crave it but, there are some people, who just by encountering or thinking about a chicken may get panic or may experience severe anxiety, this is nothing but a phobia called as Alektorophobia.

It’s acknowledged as a specific phobia through studies. People with specific phobias may not evoke or have an idea of how the phobia was developed.

Alektorophobia could be through some negative experiences or genetics or the environment they have been.


BibliophobiaBibliophobia refers to the state of having an unusual or hatred fear of books. Where the person suffering from this phobia often feels very difficult or thinks it is a painful exercise to read books aloud or silently and affect their learning opportunities.

This phobia can be restrained to reading about evil or frightening stuff or some specific books.

Bibliophobia is most likely to trigger people who are suffering from learning disabilities or having negative past experiences.


TechnophobiaTechnophobia is the constant dislike or fear of learning new advanced technology or devices. It is also linked to Cyberphobia, which refers to the fear of working with computers. It is the most studied phobia, the reason could be many teachers encounter this form of phobia when they are asked to teach their students using new technological aids.

Other reasons for this phobia could be feeling of incompetence for the new age of technology, wrong influence on their life, negative experiences like account hacked, screwing up while using a computer or a feeling that it is not required.


BotanophobiaA walk in a park or places covered with trees could be a beautiful and a pleasant experience for many people, but for some people, it could be a nightmare as they might be suffering from Botanophobia – a phobia of plants or Dendrophobia – a phobia of trees.

These phobias may trigger a person at a very young age but can continue to suffer in their adulthood & the reasons could be linked to genetics, a memory associated with a deceased loved one, serious injury, illness, allergy or superstitious beliefs associated with witches and other evil.


HeliophobiaWe all have heard that vampires fear the sun & are more active at night, but in the real world, you can actually find some people who have an intense, & sometimes irrational fear of the sun. They might be suffering from Heliophobia – Fear of Sunlight.

The phobia of the sun may originate from painful experiences, anxiety about getting skin cancer, wrinkling, premature aging, severe sunburn, etc. They may try to hide under lots of clothes, smear tones of lotions and shield their faces with scarf & dark glasses before stepping out.


SelenophobiaLike any other Phobia, it is surreal to believe but, it is true that some people do suffer from Selenophobia – which is a fear of Full Moon.

This phobia of the moon may originate in a person from the following – a traumatic event or a fact that the moon affects human behavior.

Studies have recorded that crime rates are more likely to increase during the event of the full moon or many superstitions linked to folk tales & evil creatures.


PogonophobiaBeards have been a popular trend & classic look for men for the past few years. In fact, we are surrounded by people who love beards but could be very hard for some people to sustain as they might be suffering from a phobia called Pogonophobia – an extreme fear or dislike of beards.

It may seem absurd but, it is classified as a genuine phobia. This phobia could be stem in a person from negative or traumatic past experiences with a bearded person, the belief of being unhygienic or suffering from illness. All genders irrespective of age could get affected by this phobia.

One can easily find phobia with each letter. Were you able to recognize which phobia you had but didn’t know or any other phobia you are suffering from? Do let me know.


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