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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the ERP Selection Guide

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This article throws light on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Further, it talks about how ERP should be chosen.

There are numerous significant factors that you are required to bear in view whilst starting to think about implementing an ERP development solution in your company. There are some major important factors that impact the success of enterprise resource planning development solutions. But nevertheless, if you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you don’t need to think a lot.

Prior to getting into the complexities of implementing an ERP solution, allow us to make an attempt describing what ERP software development stands for in current terms. Numerous definitions, as well as explanations, are qualified to ERP in the current time, both online as well as offline.

ERP could just be described as an info system incorporating all concerned applications for a whole enterprise. It attempts to incorporate all functions & departments across a company onto a single computer system that could cater to all specific requirements of those various departments.

Designing a single software system that could cater to the requirements of individuals in numerous departments – whether it is HRM, fiscal or fabrication department – is nevertheless robust and demanding.

More often than not every section has its own system needed for the various ways its department works. ERP development system vendors blend all the different functions into one single integrated software system which works on a single database in the order that the different sections could share info & converse with one another more effortlessly.

Enterprise resource planning designers are required to be aware of some factors whilst developing, creating & implementing an ERP solution so as to bear a big influence on the success of such an effort.


You are required to pick the software & the vendor cautiously – start with a precise assessment of your needs, sketch out the present and the desired procedures, document the procedure for allowing compliance; & arrange for an official request for proposals for vendors to cater to the accuracy requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV fulfills the majority of the demands of business owners.


Make a visible, well-supported project team & keep up meticulous communication. Apply suitable quality disciplines, for instance, establishing continuous project change management procedures, enhancing incoming data precision, making a quality certification procedure for software designers & vendors.


Entirely evaluate the capabilities of your project team to recognize with the ERP needs. Two comprehensive issues concerned with the capabilities are – software problems as well as hardware/network problems.

Business factors

There requires to be a great level of understanding of the particular requirements for software functionality in various business types, for instance, automotive, aerospace, batch processing as well as a continuous flow, mass fabrication, printing, and more.

Understanding of relations b/w business procedure & software architecture & knowledge of designing and assessing software training plans over and above managing strict timelines is a compulsion.


Each business model is special in its own manners. ERP system providers are required to bear in view that the majority of the shelf items are planned for a consistent set of procedures & methods, which a lot of times are required to be modified according to the business needs. Decide right while you start planning for an enterprise resource planning solution whether you want a custom off the shelf item or an entirely modified ERP solution.


As soon as you have your fundamentals right, get begun with the designing, creating and implementing of ERP solutions procedure. All of the aforementioned factors contribute evenly to the success of an enterprise resource planning development project.

Talking about the present, Microsoft is playing an important role in the ERP industry. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most used ERP in the globe.


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