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My Pain Is Real!!!

My pain is real !!!

Why only our pain is real?


Being a human being is a travail, we are the only known species who are capable of communicating their emotions. Whether you are in your teenage, the twenties or more, the struggle for each one of us is the same the reasons might be different 🙃.

You guys can also relate to how much these days the competition has increased when it comes to telling someone about your suffering or despair, the other person is already ready with their wail 🤷.

When you just start to express your pain with full of feelings & drama. Thinking this would really help you to reduce your agony 😭, but the person just goes like “yeh toh kuch nahi tu mera sunn” (most of the folks can relate to this) & you will be like “suna.. tu hi suna” (internally planning to kill the person) & trying hard to fake some emotions.

So, what I mean to say is everyone feels their struggle/pain is prominent, even though it could be nothing for others. Let me show you an example:

These days it is next to impossible to find someone who is interested or you can say bothered to listen to what you have collected inside you because everyone is busy hyping their problem 😶.

So, if you have someone in your life who really cares & is ready to listen to all your “bakwas” than you are the luckiest, believe me, the luckiest person (God knows if such kinda person really exists). I request you to make all the effort you can to save that person in your life because we all know how much we need them (losing them will be the greatest loss mind it).

But we can at least try to be empathetic & be available for the loved ones & can expect from them to do the same for us 😃😃.

Do let me know are you the one who is in pain or always available for others & Why it is important to be available or at least listen to others who are in pain.


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