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Think Before You Show Your Emotions!!!

Think before you show your Emotions!!!

Think before you show your Emotions!!!

Is there a constant conversation taking place inside you & you just can’t resist it? It’s the subconscious conversation between the heart and the brain known as the heart-brain connection. This conversation takes place so that the heart can signal the brain to release chemicals like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin & dopamine as per the quality of emotions. Yes, the human body is a chemical plant. A recent study has shown that many physical changes in our body are nothing but trapped emotions. Every single emotion has a positive or negative influence on the body in other words each emotion is linked to physical consequences.

Here are some of the generic emotions which we might feel every day but, didn’t know about their consequences on our body:


Being happy, heart palpitation & butterflies in the stomach are a normal sign of someone in love. But, do you know what are the other consequences. Just by talking or hugging to your loved ones can instantly reduce your stress & anger because being in love develops trust & makes you feel safe. Research has also shown it helps to reduce blood pressure levels. When one is at the first exciting stage of love it’s just enough to take a look at a photo of their beloved to reduce the suffering hence, have pain-reducing qualities as effective as a pain killer. It is said that married people live longer than singles.


Anger is a powerful emotion that could be good sometimes bringing a powerful motivating force. But chronic anger that is out of control increased blood circulation to limbs and heart can cause you anything from acne, headache, digestion disorder to some major issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure & can also lead to insomnia.


Powerlessness is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. It is a self-defense technique to protect powerless people from overextending themselves. When one feels powerless the object they hold seems heavier than they actually are, than one who doesn’t feel powerless.


Happiness is something that we all want in our life. Happiness truly brings a lot of potential health benefits. A fit of laughter or giggles lowers the level of the stress hormone, decreases the risk of a heart attack, boosts the immune system, supports longevity & many more. Happiness increased the level of nerve growth factor hence improving memory because of the development of new brain cells.

Loneliness & Sadness:


Feeling lonely & sad leads to powerful feelings of social detachment. Studies show that the temperature around lonely people as a few degrees lower than it actually is. Sadness has the ability to influence your appetite this may lead to weight gain or loss. These emotions can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness and damages the immune system.



Some find jealousy to be adorable, but not when it turns into possessiveness. Typically people feel jealousy when they compare themselves to others, fear losing a loved one, etc. We all know unhealthy jealousy can shatter your hearts & relationship bonds. Jealousy tends to release your body’s stress hormone which leads to increased heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping problems or a poor appetite.


We all show others that we are strong all the time but, sometimes you just need to cry your eyes out & it could be hard to breathe. Crying is one of the best ways to release emotion & boosts your mood. Not All tears are the same. A higher level of stress hormones is included in emotional tears. When you cry emotionally you get rid of your stress chemicals & if you try to hold back your tears you might impair your immune system, wreck your digestion & weaken your memory.


FEAR stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”. It acts as a survival mechanism signaling our bodies to prepares for danger with a physical response also known as fight or flight response. Physical responses to fear include damaging certain parts of the brain, accelerated aging, decreased fertility, cardiovascular damage & many more.

Next time when you feel an emotion make sure you take into consideration your health. Do let me know if you have observed any symptoms when you show your emotions.


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