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Best Way to Use Fresh Amla For Hair


The answer lies in knowing how the root is prepared. Amla roots have different properties that are good for different purposes.

Amla juice has been used in India for centuries as a hair treatment. With the introduction of newer formulations, the treatment for dry hair and oiliness has also increased. The procedure of treating hair is to blend the juice with honey and water to form a paste. Once this is applied to the hair, you have to wait for about fifteen minutes and wash the residue off. The results vary depending on the hair type, hair care regimen, and natural oiliness of the hair.

You need to make sure that you apply the treatment with the right quantities and frequency of your choice. The effects of using the paste on the hair depends on the intensity of the blend. However, even if the effects are not in favor of the person, the problem is likely to fade in time. When treating the hair at home, it is better to mix one cup of the juice with two cups of water to make a thick paste. Also, read more about Benefits of Dax Petroleum Jelly in Skin Care in this post.

The mixture can be applied to the hair once it is wet. You can add the concoction into your hair in regular intervals during the course of shampooing. If you do not have the right quantity of paste, the treatment might cause more harm than good.

It is recommended to take the treatment once a week for a long term hair care. This will help you to maintain the condition of your hair. However, you cannot expect that the paste will be effective if you just use it for only two or three times a week. The paste should be taken internally or externally before your head is covered with hair.

Hair care is not just about keeping your hair well nourished but it also involves treating it after it has been damaged or infected. It is important to know that the base composition of the paste should be the same as that of the amla root itself. Since the treatment is made from the same constituent parts, the results will not be as good as those obtained when using the paste for treating hair from outside.

Most of the formulations of the paste use Amla juice as their base material. Once the preparation is ready, you need to massage the hair into a state of relaxation. It is imperative to keep the treatment sessions short so that the roots can grow rapidly. Check out Creme Conditioner On Curly Hair here.

To determine the optimum length of treatment for your hair, you need to ensure that the treated hair is in a relaxed state. Amla roots are best suited for treating damaged hair or dried out hair, but it does not produce any significant difference in oily hair or normal hair. With this information, you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to using amla for hair.


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