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How to Bleach Your Hair at Home?


If you have got a dirty and damaged head of hair, you can learn how to bleach your hair at home. The task may be a bit daunting to beginners but with some patience and hard work, it is possible to get the look you want. Follow the steps below for an easy way to treat your scalp.

Before you start on this process, you should wash your hair as soon as possible. This will help to get rid of any dirt and oil build up from your scalp and will also make the area smoother to use. If you do not, your first attempt will end up looking very patchy and unkempt.

The first step in learning how to bleach your hair at home is to choose a good hair dye recipe that will be suited to your skin tone. Never choose one that is too dark. You may add a few drops of your favourite fragrance to the bottle to give it that special feel. Your experience of colouring hair are just as important as the results of your first try so do not go cheap on products or colours. Find out Deep Nourishing Hair Products in this post.

When it comes to tints, there are many and they range from the common ways of red, orange, yellow and blue. So, the choice is yours. Start by laying down a clean towel and then apply the tint.

Next, lay your head back and make sure that there is nothing covering the scalp. You will need to gently run a feather duster over the areas that you want to bleach and then sprinkle some baking soda onto them. It should now have a white powder. You can use the mixing tub and take out small portions of the mixture to apply to your scalp.

After the tint has been applied to the area you want to bleach, dab a little at a time onto the head to give the area an even tint. Do not let any streaks form. This should take a couple of minutes, but the results will be spectacular!

You can continue by taking some cornstarch to the head and gently working it into the areas that you want to bleach. By pressing the mixture into the hair, you can gradually bleach the areas. It is always a good idea to wash out any excess mixture. Find out Cantu Men’s Leave-In Conditioner Review here.

So, if you have got a damaged head of hair, here is how to bleach your hair at home. Just be prepared for that first failed attempt, because there is no way around that. So, get a towel or a hairdryer and soak it up and let it dry before you try again.


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