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Why Do Some People Lose Hair in Summer Or Winter?


So, why do some people lose hair in summer and others lose it in winter? For many people the answer is simple. For those that have this condition called alopecia and hair loss in the winter can be attributed to the fact that they have less circulation to their hair follicles than they do in the summer.

This is true of many areas of the world that experience cold temperatures and snow and ice during the winter months. Many people in these areas make the mistake of thinking that their hair loss is because they have less circulation to their hair follicles in the winter. However, this isn’t really the case as much as just thinking that.

Winter has a lot to do with this problem. There are several reasons for this. The cold weather, the lack of clothing to cover your body, the presence of frost on your scalp, and the inability to dry your hair in the winter are all reasons why your hair may go gray and thin in the winter.

In the summer and the winter months there are fewer things that affect your body that can lead to hair loss. For example, your body temperature increases, which in turn causes your hair to grow faster. It also has the added benefit of not having to deal with the cold winter temperatures.

Not only does the lack of sunlight during the summer make you look older and not as young as you would if you had more circulation, it can also cause dryness to your hair. Of course, the lack of air conditioning, heat, and humidity during the summer time also promotes this dryness. It is also difficult to find shampoo or conditioner during the summer months so most people use whatever they can find in their home to keep their hair from becoming extremely dry.

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The season also plays a big part in the amount of hormones that cause hair loss. Many people have hormonal imbalances in the summer that cause hair loss. The estrogen levels for men and women naturally increase during the summer months as we grow our hair longer and add more oil to our hair follicles, which causes them to become wet and therefore generates more oils that result in more hair growing.

During the winter months the estrogen levels begin to fall causing hair loss. This results in less moisture being available to the hair follicles as they need it during the winter months which means that there is less chance of hair follicles becoming wet during the winter months, which also contributes to less hair growth during the winter months.

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So, if you are concerned about your hair loss then take a look at your body during the winter. Your body will be better off for it because it has less chance of hair loss and you will be able to see a difference in the first month after winter.


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