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Can I Use Leave-In Conditioner Instead of Regular Conditioner?


Many homeowners are asking if I can use leave-in conditioner instead of regular conditioner. The use of this is becoming more popular because of its great benefits and a lot of people even claim that they can achieve a lot more results with it than what it was originally designed for. It’s no wonder then that many people would be curious if it can really help achieve better results. The answer is yes, you can use it and achieve the same kind of results that I just mentioned.

Now, before we jump into this, we have to consider why this is considered as a new product. It is the result of an experiment from an organic chemist who was testing the effectiveness of two different forms of formula for hair. He noticed that he was able to get the best results from the use of an oil base conditioner and shampoo.

What is more, the best results would only be achieved when the right conditioner was used for the hair type of the person using it. This scientist then discovered that it took about six weeks before the chemical ingredients in the products would start to wear off from the natural oils in the hair. At this point, it would be beneficial to use the conditioner that contained the best oil.

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However, when the new hair was starting to grow out, the best way to keep it looking fresh was to use a shampoo and conditioner. In fact, it took about eight months for the new hair to mature fully and this was after the ingredient in the conditioner had started to wear off. It did take this amount of time though to get the results that he wanted.

Since then, he then worked on developing new formulas for hair that would allow the best growth possible with the new shampoo and conditioner combination. The end result was a new line of conditioners that contain organic ingredients which were better for your hair. So, what if you already have a left-over bottle of regular conditioner?

Now that you are asking yourself whether you can use leave-in conditioner instead of regular conditioner, all you have to do is find the best way to use it and if you don’t have one, you may need to purchase one so that you can start reaping the benefits immediately. You will want to choose the kind of conditioner that you use to wash your hair to use with the rest of your hair when washing. If you want to use the conditioning on your scalp as well, this would be another good reason to use this kind of conditioner.

There are a few options that you can use on your scalp when trying to achieve the best results with your new shampoo and conditioner. The one I personally use is made with aloe vera gel as well as vitamin E and it makes a very good choice.

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Whether you choose to use the regular shampoo or the one containing the oil base, you will still want to use the leave-in conditioner. This will not only help you to re-hydrate your hair but it will also give it the kind of shine that it wants so that you can have great looking hair.


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