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Don’t Let a Slow WordPress Site Kill Your Traffic


Slow WordPress sites can drive away your visitors. Worse still, users feel terribly upset with slow-loading sites and in most cases, they immediately switch away without spending much time there. This is how conversion rates get impacted a lot and it all contributes to the bad performance of your business. For that reason you should always look for ways to optimize your WordPress site for page loading speed so that customers can be prevented from going away quickly. After all, you would never want the slow speed of your site kill traffic.

Here are some of ways to increase the speed of your WordPress site –

Choose your add-ins carefully

Not all add-ins are going to add value to your WordPress site and the earlier you know this the better. While some are definitely useful and essential, a lot of those plug-ins, widgets etc. are just cool and not able to add any utility to the site. In fact, these add-ins make up part of the data that is used by visitor’s browser when they browse your site. And for that reason pages take longer to load.

Worse still, your site’s loading speed is directly affected by both the aspects, plug-in numbers and their quality. It’s therefore important to be careful with those add-ins and choose the one that add some value to your site and chuck away the rest to boost the loading speed of the site.

Do regular software updates

The software you use in your WordPress website may have a huge bearing on the page loading speed of the site. That’s why you should always keep the site updated with the latest WP software as it can help boost the loading speed of your site. In addition, software updates can also increase security of your website and fix bugs and both these aspects can keep your site up-to-date.

When you go for new software version, you should however first check your site in a test environment and see how it’s performing before presenting it to the audience. If you’re regular with software updates, there is no reason why your WordPress website can’t load fast.

Take help of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In most cases, slow page loading of WordPress sites is also attributed to heavy media and files used in the site. If that is the case and you have big-size video files, graphics, audio and files, you should then consider taking help of a content delivery network (CDN). This will help distribute your content on servers to data centers around the world therefore giving each user the data from the nearest data center.

Clearly, taking help of a CDN can free your web server from those heavy content delivery and when that happens, your site’s page loading speed is bound to go notches up.

Use tweaks to your blog pages and blog posts

Some minor changes and tweaks to your blog pages and posts can also help in increasing the page loading speed of your WordPress site. The first thing you should do is let your blog post excerpts be shown on your blog page rather than showing full blog articles. Similarly, you can also avoid include social media sharing widgets on every site page and rather keep to only blog pages. You can also initiate lazy loading so that additional contents get loaded as and when visitors scroll down the page. The best thing, there are WordPress plug-ins that have all these tweaks available ready-made.

Migrate to a WP-optimized hosting provider

In some cases, nothing works when it comes to boosting the page loading speed of WordPress websites but that should not discourage you. If everything else has failed and your site still loads slowly, you should know the problem may be your web server. So, you can think of switching to a hosting provide that is optimized for WordPress.

You can also take help of WordPress development services India and see where the problem lies if nothing works in boosting the speed of your site. But chances are, the above methods would be enough to add speed to your WP website and add value to them in one way or another.


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