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How to Stop Hair Breakage


It is not a secret that one of the most commonly occurring causes of hair breakage is stress. And it is in this sense that so many hair salons turn to their volume shampoos and conditioners. But, how can we rid ourselves of the hair damage that stress can cause?

The fact is that, stress can be countered by ensuring that we have a balance between our natural oils and the toxins in our bodies. Our skin is a major organ of our body. It is the largest organ and contains millions of cells.

The reason why our skin cannot withstand the relentless assault of environmental pollutants is because the body’s defenses are down; our immune system is weakened, we become more susceptible to disease. The hair follicles are exposed to toxins and environmental pollutants that have built up in our bodies over time. This is why it is essential that we look to our skin as our first line of defense against hair breakage.

What happens when we turn to chemical based products, which are mostly composed of chemicals that cause the skin to retain its natural oils, is that the skin becomes oilier. This makes the skin more exposed to external pollutants, which again, further erodes the skin’s defenses. When you add the fact that such products do not contain the nutrients needed for your skin to remain youthful and healthy, the cycle continues. Not only do we strip away the protective oil coating that our skin has, but we strip away the necessary nutrients that keep the skin functioning properly.

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So what should we do? We need to stop using products that cause our bodies to retain toxins and allow our skin to function as it was meant to, restoring the moisture, nutrients and hydration levels that our skin needs. Shampoos that provide this high level of natural anti-bacterial properties are essential.

To understand this is to understand a small part of why our skin breaks down and how to stop hair breakage. It is because of our overproduction of dead skin cells, which is called shedding.

As we get older, the shedding process begins to slow down, and our skin is no longer as effective as it once was. A normal process is that the shedding begins as we age, and this will result in our skin becoming dryer and feeling itchy. When we have more shedding than we need, our skin dries out and starts to feel itchy and sensitive.

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If you use products that help to stop this dry skin on your scalp, your skin will continue to feel healthier and less sensitive over time. And if you use products that help reduce the amounts of skin cells shed, you will help to reverse the damage caused by stress and allow your skin to breathe.


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