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How to Treat Dry Ends


Dry ends, that is, those uncomfortable, permanently thinning, hair. It’s a heartbreaking problem for all women. Many take great pride in their appearance and can become very depressed when they are forced to have the permanent change of hair loss. This condition is named folliculitis or dandruff and can happen to anyone.

The main cause of this condition is the build up of oil on the scalp and the visible appearance of the hair. Excessive buildup of this can be minimized with the proper care and maintenance of the hair. It can also occur as a result of the use of shampoos and lotions that contain harsh chemicals that are not suited for the hair. Regular usage of a good hair shampoo will make a huge difference.

Brush your hair gently after washing it. You don’t want to do this regularly as you brush your hair but instead after every other wash. It will also help you keep away dryness on the scalp. Use the wide tooth comb to comb your hair if you must. Otherwise, leave the hair in its natural state.

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Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of air in your room so that you can keep the temperature at an appropriate level. The human body doesn’t function properly in extremely cold weather conditions. It is wise to remember this fact the next time you are out of doors.

Do not use harsh shampoos and conditioners. Also make sure that you do not apply harsh products directly to the hair. If you do this, it will result in damage to the hair shaft. Other ways to keep the hair from drying out include limiting your use of straightening irons and curling irons as well as wearing hats and scarves to keep the wind off your hair.

Never neglect your hair. Just because your hair is dry, this does not mean that you need to give up all your other hairstyles. If your hair is growing back, there is no reason why you cannot wear the traditional style that you had. A temporary style such as braids can look great, but do not ignore this option.

A healthy scalp can also lead to an overall healthier and better looking hair and skin, which in turn affects the hair’s health and appearance. People who are suffering from dry ends should work with their physicians to find out what their options are.

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Having a little bit of help from a doctor or physician can help you manage dry ends. Your physician can help you identify what is causing your condition and will then recommend some lifestyle changes and products to help you with the issue. Follow these tips and find ways to help relieve the stress that you may be dealing with and you may find that your hair will grow back fuller and healthier.


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