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The Best Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails


What’s the best nail treatment for damaged nails? For many people the problem is obvious. It might be a cut, Nick, burn or accident that caused the irritation.

A cut can be caused by not washing the hands after using the shower, or forgetting to cut the ordinary nails after making a cut or scraping against something and a small piece of the nail breaks off. A Nick in the nail causes the keratinized portion of the nail to split and heal abnormally.

Burn wounds are often caused by touching a hot object or using the wrong kind of polish, or washing ordinary nails and attempting to treat damaged nails. Once the wounds have healed the nails will not grow back correctly and it can lead to a weak point in the nail’s structure and cause difficulty with nail movement.

While it is important to treat all of these nails the problem is that so many of them tend to be caused by cuts or burns or scratching. Not treating them when they are first noticed is a recipe for trouble. When you notice your nail is not growing back correctly it is important to apply the best nail treatment for damaged nails.

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If the nail is grown down a bit and has some a part to it then it is important to trim the section. Another reason to trim the toe of the foot is to make sure that the side where the nail came off is smooth. After trimming you want to file the nail to remove any debris so that the cut edges of the nail are smooth.

Apply medicated lotion to the nail at the time you are applying the cuticle oil. After some time you will need to apply the oil to the nail again, just like the day before and then allow it to sit on the nail for a while to dry.

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Next you want to add the cuticle oil to the top and then work from the base towards the tip. It helps to start at the tip and work your way up the nail. When applying the cuticle oil you should be careful not to over-wet the nail or you will create even more problems.

You will need to take the nail between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and apply pressure with the other hand. This means you are applying pressure to the tip of the nail at the same time as the other hand is applying pressure to the side of the nail. You should apply the cuticle oil in the same direction as the nail and if you apply it to the nail from the side the whole time it helps the cuticle oil spread out evenly.


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