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4 Things not to do after Whitening your Teeth

4 Things not to do after Whitening your Teeth

White Teeth are beautiful to look at and they enhance your smile a lot. But do you know the backend costs, to make sure both of your smile and teeth stay that way? Lots of things need to be done considering white teeth and they need a lot of care to lock the shine. Eating regular foods, brushing on time, sweeteners, and beverages are out of the diet. Such precautions are required to be taken at common.

Many dentist orangeville strive to increase patients’ awareness of the importance of good oral health. For instance, one Ottawa downtown dentist practice, Constitution Dental, which offers comprehensive services such as cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry, is extending its safety measures. If you are aware of these, here are more 4 things not to do after whitening your teeth.

Don’t drink Beverages at all:

Neither cold nor any kind of hot beverages that can severely affect the outer white shinning enamel that you have just got! Drinks like wine, alcohol, juices, tea, and specifically soft drinks and sodas contain a lot of acid and alcohol ingredients that are not at all good for your teeth. This work harsh on the shinning coat, making it sticky, deluding, and sticky, thus affecting your enamel strength. It also strains your teeth. If you want to drink, use a pipe or a straw so that the drinks don’t touch your teeth at all.

Never eat Coloured foods:

These types of foods have artificial food colours, natural ingredients for stain, colour strengthening, and specific synthetic colours. Tons of foods, drinks have these for enhancing their product colour. You shouldn’t eat or drink of these, to keep your whitening long last. Don’t eat foods that are high in acids, oily, full of grease (edible), sauce, or foods that stick.

Foods that are high in acids mostly, citrus fruits, and soft drinks should be drunk with a straw. Juice out your fruits via a juicer and then enjoy instead of raw eating them.

Don’t take Tobacco or anything Similar:

Well, these are the worst to kill your teeth shine in just a few days. Apart from harming health, these products have a lot of poisonous ingredients that are added to increase the effect of the product including micro-wounds and enamel draining contents. Tobacco also contains a lot of enamel degrading ingredients like calcium hydroxide, which is used to increase the effect. If you have just got your teeth whitened, immediately stop taking these.

Don’t use the usual Coloured Toothpaste:

The situation here is again with synthetic colours, which is very bad for the shining enamel done to your teeth. Most toothpaste brands use colour for making their toothpaste work better. If you are using one, switch to a better or orally recommended toothpaste for white teeth, by an experienced Dentist. Specified teeth whitening toothpaste contains enamel protection chemicals. These use natural substances to clear plaque, tartar and still keep the pH of the mouth and saliva to the point.

Whitening your teeth is a costly job and sometimes, a painful one if you had bad teeth before. Dentists usually prescribe a set of toothpaste, and gentle mild mouthwash to keep your teeth clean.

Well, these are the best 4 Things not to do after whitening your teeth to protect your shine.


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