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Five Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Five Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Being your own boss is simply awesome. All the professions require determination, smart work, competitive awareness, and innovation but having a business has many leverages. Instead of becoming other’s employees and work hard to fulfill the dream of others, many are striving to become their boss and work for their comfort level.

Running one’s own business has its advantages and disadvantages but still, now many people perceive it as the best way to earn bread and butter rather than serving others.

Job Security:

At the time of recession or at the time of organizational changes, many employees fear of termination. People never know when they can be fired from the company, and after that, they face a new problem to search for a new job.

In business people do not face the problem of job security rather they relish the freedom of decision making for the business and the self.


Are you unhappy working at 9 to 5, a fixed routine, and no fun in life and no time for the family. The business gives you the power to earn and to fulfill your other dreams.

In business, you can work according to your suitable timings instead of working at the fixed timing. You have better prospects of work-life balance. Also, you are not bothered about the permissions to take leaves rather manage your leaves and work accordingly. One day you can devote more time to the business but the next day you can work less and manage other tasks.

Financial Independence:

Are you working hard for the extra incentives but your boss rewarded the favorite employee? Your struggle and frustration are over when you start your own business.

You are the boss and you have every freedom to make the decisions relating to finances where to invest? How much to invest and when to invest? Also, you will be enjoying the success of the hard work and have the ownership of the revenues and return on investment that business has generated.

Building the Right Connection:

Yes, you can build a big network and see how people love to follow you and want to learn the skills from you. The bigger the network, the more chances you get the constructive feedback and other’s experiences.

You have a pool of people from the executive level to the CEO level and can gain more insider knowledge about the industry. It’s not only the size of the company that impresses the people but also your skills and knowledge.

Become a mentor and Leader:

Over a while, you will have a thorough knowledge of the industry and an extensive experience that many people will embrace you and follow your footprints.

Many people will look upon you to learn some techniques and it allows sharing your struggle and stories with the other people. Sharing the success story will do the wonders; it will leave an optimistic impression. To become successful, every firm needs an extraordinary leader like the co-founder of Corfinancial Eric Inspektor and others who can motivate their team. Eric Inspektor is a Toronto-based executive who has more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry.


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